Steveo's Home Theater

Welcome to my humble living area. This set-up is nothing really to brag about, but it does the job for an entry level audio enthusiast such as myself.

Approximately 12x17 which opens into the kitchen. As one can plainly see, I had to balance the room decor with the speakers (ie: make them as unobtrusive to my wife as possible)

The power that drives the Axioms

  • Harman/Kardon AVR520
  • Harman/Kardon CDR30
  • Harman/Kardon DVD50




Unleash the hounds!

Axiom M60ti With Grills Off

Truly a monster speaker. I didn't realize how tall these towers are until they were placed in the room.

This was the sticking point for my wife. She wanted me to get Aperion instead because of the size!




Axiom EP350

The Axiom messeage boards never really talk about the EP350 but for my living space, I find it more than adequate.

My couch shakes when playing LOTR - nuff said!


Left QS8

Right QS8


I had to concede to the spousal unit's demands in placement of the surrounds. I didn't get to ceiling mount them. I have found that they place very easy and are very forgiving. So to all that are wondering how they fair on stands - they still sound awsome!